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Sanfutie - Preventing Winter Diseases

Course: Sanfutie – Preventing Winter Diseases

Instructor: Dr. Wang Ning Sheng

Number of classes: 1 (3 hours total)

Language: Chinese with English translation

Typology: recorded online course

Included: access to the course recordings + pdf slides + class summary


Sanfutie is a form of traditional chinese medicated plaster, as well as a TCM treatment and disease prevention method. This technique is usually applied in the three hottest periods of summer to prevent winter diseases.

Sanfu plasters combine acupuncture and moxibustion, Jingluo (channels and network vessels) and traditional materia medica. The moxa plasters are directly applied to acupoints selected according to TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment. Through the chemical and thermal stimulation of chinese medicinal herbs on acupoints, it can achieve its therapeutic effect of treating and preventing diseases.



  • Basic introduction to Sanfutie;

  • Basic functions of Sanfutie: acupoint functions; effects of the medicinal herbs; comprehensive price;

  • Winter diseases;

  • Summer period for preventing Winter diseases;

  • Sanfutie definition and explanation;

  • Sanfutie clinical application and precaution;

  • Sanfutie herbal ingredients;

  • Sanfutie acupuncture points application.

note: the recording of this course has some problems with the audio, but no content is lost.



Doctor Wang Ning Sheng is a famous TCM chief physician of Nanjing. He was born in an acupuncture family and studied with his mother, the famous doctor Yang Yun Ru. He also received systematic education and obtained a TCM college diploma. After graduation, he has been engaged in acupuncture and moxibustion clinical practice for more than 40 years in Jianye District Hospital of TCM in Nanjing. He was vice-president of the hospital from 1985 to 2003. During his office work, he never interrupted clinical acupuncture. After retirement, he has been working as an expert in acupuncture and moxibustion, and is deeply loved by patients, with 50-70 outpatient visits per day.


Dr. Wang Ning Sheng


1 class (3 hours)​


class recording

slides pdf

class summary



Preventig Winter Diseases

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