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Master Tung Acupuncture: Pathomechanism Series

Course Title: Master Tung Acupuncture: Pathomechanism Series

Instructor: Ivan Zavala (Cloud)

Target Audience: TCM and acupuncture practitioners and students that have at least completed 2 years of training on a TCM or acupuncture course.

Number of classes: 11

Duration (total hours): 3 hours / session (33 hours total)

Language: English


About Ivan Zavala (Cloud):

- Professor at Pacific College of Health Science 

- Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

- Former Department Head of Advanced Diagnostics at Chicago College of Oriental Medicine

- Well-versed in Classical Chinese  

- Expert in using Classical Chinese Medicine for complex disorders 

- International teacher having taught a variety of courses

- Well-known scholar physician who has answered thousands of medical questions


General goals:

Tung acupuncture is often thought of as mysterious without any basis in theoretical constructs, some seeing it as magical and empirical without being rooted in classical thinking. In this course, we will re-examine this common assumption and showcase Tung as a unique system but with deep influence from Classical Texts. 


Specific goals:

-Understand the inner mechanism behind Tung acupuncture 

-Differentiate Tung points and their dynamics and energetics 

-Understand the classical basis of Tung acupuncture



Tung pathomechanism series on different bodily zones: 

1- The Head 

2- Fingers 

3- The Hand and Forearm

4- The Upper Leg

5- Lower Leg 

6- The Foot 


Ivan Zavala (Cloud)

11 classes (33 hours)


class recording​

Slides pdf


Master Tung Acupuncture:

Pathomechanism Series

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