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Daoist Music Healing and the Five Healing Tones

Course: Daoist Music Healing and the Five Healing Tones

Instructor: LoAn 誠鳳 Cheng Feng

Number of classes: 1 (3 hours total)

Language: English

Typology: recorded online course

Included: access to the course recordings + pdf slides + 5 tones mp3


In ancient Chinese culture, music was regarded as a high-level medium to communicate with spirit and harmonize emotions, and was thus used to promote longevity and healing. Sounds of the natural world, musical instruments, and the human voice, can all be harnessed to resonate with the human vibratory field and generate re-harmonisation and healing. The foundational principles of Yin-Yang and Five Phases were all transcribed into vibratory musical elements to be used in medicine, called the Five Healing Tones, as outlined in the Yellow Emperor Internal Classic. 

Healing methods combining music, the five tones, and Qi, are still used today in Daoist lineages. The purpose of this course will be to introduce Chinese medicine practitioners, Qi Gong adepts, and music lovers to the theoretical foundation and methods of Daoist music healing.




  • Introduction : the meaning of music in ancient Chinese culture as a high-level vibratory medium to communicate with spirit and harmonize human and nature.

  • Music healing principles : Yin Yang and Five Phases correspondances applied for resonance and harmonisation in music healing; the use of natural sounds and musical instruments for music healing; the Five Tones as outlined in the Yellow Emperor Internal Classic.

2nd part : FIVE HEALING TONES practice

  • Students will be guided into the practice of methods to use the Five Healing Tones, combining music, Qi, and self-massage. 


LoAn 誠鳳 Cheng Feng is a teacher of Daoist healing arts and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She studied and practiced at the Five Immortals Temple, Wudang, China, for over a decade and was trained as a teacher, healer and martial artist in the traditional manner of apprenticeship by its abbot, the Daoist renunciate Master Li (Li Shifu). Bridging East and West, she dedicates her life to the transmission of traditional Daoist arts and to the practice of Chinese medicine. 


Daoist Music Healing and

the Five Healing Tones

LoAn 誠鳳 Cheng Feng


1 class (3 hours)​


course recordings

slides pdf

5 tones mp3


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